Valin Xiangtan Steel Established Its Singapore Company


Hunan Daily, July 20 report (Correspondent Deng Huali, reporter Huang Lifei) : XISC(SINGAPORE) Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled on July 18. This is the first overseas company established by Valin Xiangtan Steel (also known as XISC). It will help Xiangtan Steel further expand its global marketing network, grasp market changesin time, understand customer needs, and enhance international service.

In recent years, Xiangtan Steel has actively expanded the international high-end market, and the “Made by Xiangtan Steel “has participated in the construction of world major projects such as Yamal in Russia, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Qatar Shopping Center. 
In 2018, the Xiangtan base plant of Xiangtan Steel exported 336,800 tons of wire rods, bars and plates, accounting for 3.82% of the company's total sales, of which 206,000 tons are wire rods, 146,100 tons are bars and 170,100 tons are plates. And the products were exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia, the_ middle East and Africa, etc. Since 2019, the export level has taken a new level, with a cumulative export of 260,000 tons from January to June, an increase of 62% over the same period of last year. It is estimated that the export of steel will reach 500,000 tons this year.
Li Jianyu, general manager of Valin Xiangtan Steel, said that at present, Xiangtan Steel is speeding up its high quality development and making efforts to build a modern iron and steel enterprise with international competitiveness. The establishment of XISC (SINGAPORE) Co., Ltd. is an urgent need for Xiangtan Steel to follow “the belt and road" initiative and to implement its strategic layout of internationalization. It is also a forward of the marketing service, to return the needs of overseas customers with better quality products and more accurate services. Xiangtan Steel will further strengthen exchanges and integration with overseas customers and trading partners, and continue to cultivate the international market.