XISC Cultural Park


XISC Cultural Park is a 3A national tourist attraction and Hunan industrial tourism demonstration site. It is located on the Bank of Xiangjiang River, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, covering a tour area of 2.31 square kilometers. It was opened to public at the end of 2021. The Cultural Park, highlighting the theme of "Chairman Mao's hometown, vitality XISC”, is composed of 13 scenic spots. They are Plant History Museum of XISC, Ai Aiguo Welding Laboratory, Water Treatment Center, No.1 Blast Furnace of Iron-making Plant, Five-meter Steel-making Production Line, Five-meter Steel-rolling Production Line, No.1 High-speed Wire-rolling Production Line, Wire Rod Production Line, Medium and Small Bar Special Steel Production Line, 135 MW Generator Set, Shunxiang Dock, The Original Aspiration Square and Strivers Theme Park. All these display a steel plant with red heritage in Chairman Mao's hometown, the production process of long-process steel enterprise and the new appearance of green ecological intelligent plant.