Ai Aiguo Welding Laboratory


Ai Aiguo Welding Laboratory, set up in 2008, is the key laboratory of welding technology in Hunan Province. With an area of 800 square meters, it is made up of a studio and an exhibition hall. The studio mainly focuses on scientific research, teaching and achievement display, as well as doing research, conducting experiments and evaluating the welding performance of the company’s plates to provide technical support for new product development and customer service. The exhibition hall, a hall for meritorious figure, is set up to carry forward the spirit of model worker and craftsmanship of_ master Ai Aiguo, the senior welder, who has worked in XISC for more than 50 years. Master Ai is also the recipient of July 1 Medal in 2021.The medal is also the fifth in China’s highest order of honor system. Using pictures, words, objects, videos and digital interaction, the exhibition hall shows the arduous journey of Ai Aiguo from an ordinary worker to a "leader" in the welding industry and demonstrates the craftsmanship spirit of great China, that is, devotion, dedication, the pursuit of excellence, good faith.